Q: What is the “cinema out of the box” initiative..?

A: It is an independent production platform established by Mariam Elnagy to produce films with high artistic base and quality , created by young filmmakers passionate about the art of cinematic image  to be screened around the world.

 Arab filmmakers have been trying to launch different and exciting film projects to share with local and international audiences. The “Cinema Out of the box” initiative has set up an innovative film factory to produce Egyptian and Arab film content. The initiative seeks to support Egyptian And Arab artists and creators , to ensure the launch of their projects, targeting access to the largest segment of viewers in the world.

 This initiative is designed to provide a production platform to support creative filmmakers in their films and to reach the public, promote low cost-effective film projects and develop the skills of young filmmakers.

Q: What are the film projects that are eligible to participate in this initiative in the first launch..?

A: The film projects eligible for implementation in the first launch are the projects of feature films from the phase of production (shooting) to the stage of distribution , generally prefer projects based on the Literary, philosophical, artistic and folk human heritage .

Q: Who can take advantage of the “cinema out of the box” initiative..?

A: The filmmakers , scholars and film students from Egypt, Arab and Arab origins between the ages of 21 and 45 years are eligible to take advantage of the initiative, the Director and/or the main crew must be  Egyptian , Arab or Arab origins  (this condition does not apply to the rest of the crew team if necessary).

Q: Do you accept projects in the post-production stages..?

A: No at the moment.. “Cinema out of the box” initiative is dedicated to create long feature films from preparation to post-production.

 Q: Can I submit more than one project..?

A: Yes, and also you can participate as a crew member in any field in other projects.

Q: When will I be notified if my film selected..? 

A: Applicants will be informed of the selection committee decision within (90) working days from the date of submission of all completed applications, including all support documents for your project. 

Q: I can not upload the required files..?

A: Make sure that your Internet connection is not slow, and please note that zip files cannot be uploaded for further support please email us on info@cinemaotb.com

If you have any difficulty in submitting your application please take a picture of the bug and send it to the following email info@cinemaotb.com

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